A look behind the scenes at bexio

Get an exclusive look behind the scenes at bexio with our Product News from our CPO.

You always wanted to take a look behind the scenes of product development? Our CPO Matthias Zürrer got interesting insights for you: What has been worked on in the last few months to make bexio software even better for our customers? What are we adjusting in order to be able to offer our customers simplified processes and improved functions? Find out more and read the second part of our update series. If you missed the first part, read up here.

Part 1: bexio Modernisation: Contacts

November 2021 By Matthias Zürrer, CPO bexio

At bexio, we strive to deliver software that supports you in the best way possible in running your business. To make sure we continue to do so successfully, and to offer you the best user experience possible, we are currently working very hard on technically improving the core of our software.

We hear your wishes for simplified processes and improved features that make your work even easier or to automate workflows. To enable us to implement these wishes and ideas in the upcoming years, we need to first modernise our software’s technology stack.

Considering the scope bexio offers, it is obvious that we cannot do this in one stroke. Rather we pursue a strategy of small steps. And in plain English? It means we tackle parts of the software step by step in order to bring those technologically up to date.

The gentle renovation

Attentive bexio users have already noticed: Since early May this year, the user interface in our «Contacts» module has seen some changes. For example, the creation and editing of contacts has been given a revised interface, as have the linked contacts, the additional addresses, and the information on bank details.

These changes are only small hints that in the background - under the hood, so to speak - we have renovated large parts of the Contacts management. Further renovation work (we call it «modernisation») is underway and will be rolled out step by step as soon as it is ready for prime time.

As with all feature improvements, we will keep asking for your feedback on those changes. This is to make sure we identify the right features for the vast majority of bexio customers without making the software too complicated in the process.

By the way: We regularly present news about our Product and our Marketplace in our Update News - so you can keep an eye on the progress of our modernisation.

In 2022 we will extend the modernisation effort to more areas of bexio, «Contacts» was just the beginning. The next report from Product Development will revolve around the topic of «Banking and banks», as things are already underway there as well. Stay tuned.