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Project management software for small businesses

Cloud project management software, ideal for freelancers, service providers and agencies. More than 70'000 SMEs in Switzerland rely on bexio:

With bexio, confusing to-do lists are a thing of the past: keep an eye on all your customer projects and never miss an important deadline again. For more efficiency, instead of unnecessary time pressure. It's all very easy with the cloud-based project management software from bexio.

Online project management software for small businesses

Simple project management software

Project management online, clear and easy-to-use: in bexio, you quickly get an overview of projects, deadlines, customers and costs.

Project planning with an overview

Which customer projects are still outstanding? What has been done? What are the next steps? You can use the tool to track the progress of your project in real time – so you never again lose sight of the bigger picture.

Profitable project management

Budget planning made easy: see the hours actually worked compared to the expected working hours per project, employee and customer. You can keep an eye on your income and expenses, too. So you always know the financial status of your company.

A complete solution for your small business

bexio is so much more than just a project management tool: from first contact with new customers right through to invoicing and accounting. Your whole workflow in one simple and intuitive software package. Perfect for small businesses, freelancers and start-ups.

Statement Januar Designbüro GmbH

Fredy Espejo

Januar Designbüro GmbH

Being a small design agency, time is precious and staying on top of everything is crucial. bexio makes accounting simple and easy to use. That leaves more space for creativity.

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Everything in one piece of simple project management software

Small business owners, the self-employed and start-ups, in particular, are often faced with a challenge when it comes to choosing the right project management software: free programs often do not offer all the required functions. Many fee-based project management tools are also too complex for small businesses. And that hinders the workflow!

That's why bexio is the ideal solution for small businesses, freelancers and start-ups: bexio offers the most important project-planning features in a simple and intuitive web-based software package – perfectly tailored to the needs of small businesses.

Dashboard application bexio logo on top graphs pie chart and line diagram

Give your full attention to your customer projects

Good project management software provides you with exactly the overview you need. With bexio's lean project management software, chaotic to-do lists are a thing of the past. You have all the most important aspects in view immediately: how much time have you or your team already put in? Are you on budget? When is the deadline? All very straightforward, in simple web-based software. The result: you work more efficiently and can finally give your full attention to the project itself instead of to organising your projects.

Timetracking three watches with different times and sheet of paper with project planning

Log times on a granular level

Do you often not know how much time you actually need for a task or a project? Record how long you or a team member worked on a task on a granular level. Log times to the minute online, either within the project or per task, e.g. at your convenience with the built-in stopwatch feature.

Timetracking three watches with different times and sheet of paper with list of people and times

For better teamwork

Invite team members to a project and assign them a role (e.g., team leader). Assign individual tasks or entire projects to team members. So everyone knows who needs to work on what. For more efficient and transparent teamwork.

Invoice with an orange factory logo on the top right

Bill time and services in just a few clicks

The project is complete. Time to send your invoice to the customer! Easily import billable time, pre-defined hourly rates and expenses into the invoice at just the click of the mouse. All that remains is to quickly export the invoice as a PDF, or simply send it directly from your bexio account to the customer via email. Done in no time.

Milestones, work packages and task management

With bexio, you can master even larger projects with ease:

  • Divide your projects into manageable milestones.
  • Create work packages to be completed for each milestone.
  • Record tasks and assign these to team members.

See the status of a task (open or overdue) at a glance. And thanks to the "email reminder" feature, you're guaranteed not to forget those important tasks – even if you are not logged in to your bexio account.

Application bexio logo on top with line graph statistics

Efficient cost planning – so your projects are highly profitable

Keep track of the project budget and costs:

  • Define your project budget.
  • Choose how the project should be billed: e.g., at a fixed price or by the hour.
  • Determine which business activities ought to be billable.
  • Set hourly rates by project, activity and employee.
  • Log expenses and see all of a project's receipts at a glance.
  • See how much of a project's budget has already been used up, or how much of the expected time you've already spent.
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Nurture your customer relationships in a targeted manner

Always be optimally informed when communicating with your customers: for example, in a customer's document flow, you will see all quotes, invoices and other supporting documents. You also have a direct overview of all projects, tasks and logged times. Learn more about the CRM features of bexio.

Computer screen with an application with two blue line graphs

More than just project management software

bexio is more than just project management software: with bexio, you have your entire accounting under control, and more. Create quotes, invoices, and even payment reminders in just a few clicks. Connect your e-banking to bexio and see which invoices have already been paid. And lots more! Everything online and accessible from any device – whether Mac, Microsoft Windows, tablet or smartphone. Learn more about the features of bexio.

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