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XfleX for painters

Your specialized industry solution with all the functions you need for lean administration: CRM, order processing with service catalogs, reporting and hourly control in accordance with association and much more.

from CHF 96.– /month

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XfleX covers all administrative processes required by SMEs in the commercial and service provider sectors. For painters and building technicians, all the very special requirements for these sectors are also fulfilled. 25 years of experience with sector solutions have gone into XfleX. This guarantees practical relevance. Thanks to a completely new development, the software is technically up-to-date and offers fully digital processes.


  1. Pure web solution: runs immediately without app installation on any operating system and any device size.
  2. Mobile users: specialised dialogues for construction workers, field workers and service technicians.
  3. Digital workflows: report entry with voice input, customer signature digitally, digitally signed documents, mass emailing.
  4. Low costs: database is pre-configured for the industry, self-paced training thanks to video tutorials.
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XfleX Software AG,
Available languages
DE / FR / EN / IT
26. Oct 2021


CHF 96.– /month

1 Office user* with:

  • CRM
  • Order processing with SMGV painter services and pre-calculation
  • Construction site post calculation and working hours control according to ZPBK
  • Integration to bexio and MS SharePoint
CHF 149.– /month

1 Office user* with:

  • Package Start
  • Integration O365 Outlook
  • Digital signature for documents

2 mobile users* with:

  • Time tracking on the construction site
CHF 199.– /month

1 Office user* with:

  • Package Standard
  • Order disposition
  • Capacity utilisation analysis

3 mobile users* with:

  • Time tracking on the construction site and personal job schedule
*Additional users available

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