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Send professional newsletters directly to your contacts from bexio. You benefit from the delivery reliability of the Swiss market leader in email marketing. Best of all: up to 200 emails per month are free!

More about Swiss Newsletter

Swiss Newsletter is the right solution for all Swiss SMEs who want to send newsletters professionally, cheaply and securely. Bexio customers benefit from an automated contact synchronization, with which you can use your contact data and categories from bexio directly for the dispatch. The key benefits:

  • Start free, grow cheap: No initial costs, free version up to 200 emails per month and free support. Ideal for your first steps.
  • Professional solution from the market leader: The CSA certification of the Swiss market leader guarantees the highest possible delivery rate (spam filter).
  • Swiss product with Swiss server: Your data and that of your recipients always remain in Switzerland.

This is how quickly you send your first newsletter:

Add the Swiss Newsletter app to your bexio account and start directly in the free version of Swiss Newsletter. If you need a higher email volume, you can book the subscription directly in your Swiss Newsletter account.

Design your newsletter directly online in your web browser. Choose your layout from various templates or design your own newsletter with the e-mail editor. We make sure it looks good on all devices. With our preview you can see how your email will be displayed on different devices.

As soon as the mailing starts, we show you live which contacts open a newsletter and which links are particularly interesting. The report is also available as a PDF download at any time.

The advantages of Swiss Newsletter:

  • Your data remains in Switzerland
  • Highest deliverability to your recipients due to our membership in CSA (Certified Senders Alliance)
  • If required, you can also send your e-mails in French, Italian and English. Sending is automatic depending on the recipient's language.
  • Create a registration form with just a few clicks, which you can embed on your website.
  • Detailed analyses
  • Free ticket support
More informations
mailXpert GmbH,
Schulstrasse 37,
8050 Zürich
Available languages
DE / EN / FR / IT
23. Feb 2021


Free of charge
  • Up to 200 emails per month free of charge
  • No setup fees
  • No ads
  • Full functionality
From CHF 20.– /month
  • No setup fees
  • Subscription model on a monthly or annual basis
  • You can find the exact prices from 2'000 emails monthly here

Possible options:
Multilingual, CHF 15.– /month

A 10% discount is granted for annual payment.

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