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SumUp by BedayaConnect

Synchronize your sales and card payments via SumUp directly to bexio. This saves you tedious manual work, avoids errors and gives you a full overview at all times.

More about SumUp by BedayaConnect

Accept card payments and synchronize with bexio!

SumUp is a point-of-sale and payment provider that allows small businesses to accept payments via debit and credit card.

BedayaConnect enables businesses using SumUp to synchronise their sales information with bexio. BedayaConnect removes the need to manually enter all this data inside bexio in order to do their accounting by providing the company with an easy way to automatically sync their data with bexio.

How it works

Configure the connection between SumUp and bexio according to these instructions.

More informations
Bedaya GmbH,
Nägeligasse 7,
6370 Stans
Available languages
DE / FR / EN
15. Apr 2020


BedayaConnect SumUp is currently available in beta version and is free of charge. Monthly fees may be charged in the future.