SMAILD by Deidis

Dispatch documents per physical mail directly from bexio or from your mailbox. Improve the dunning process by sending payment reminders automatically per post. Save time on paperwork.


More about SMAILD

More about SMAILD

SMAILD is a premium app developed by Deidis. It saves lots of time by dispatching your documents per post. Attach a PDF to your email or send it directly from bexio – no more printing, no more envelopes, no more going to the post office.

How does SMAILD work?

SMAILD is a scalable cloud application that uses the new Pingen service for printing and dispatching documents per physical post to the address provided on the first page of the PDF.

You (or anyone in your bexio organization) can provide a PDF to SMAILD by sending it as an email attachment to a dedicated inbox.

Additionally, you can configure SMAILD to auto-send payment reminders per post. It will do this transparently by notifying you of what is happening behind the scenes. You can even cancel the sending before it goes to printing.

Advantages of SMAILD

  1. Save lots of time on paperwork. No printing, no envelopes, no going to the post office.
  2. Auto-send payment reminders the same day
. Normally, one does it once a month, and this slows down the incoming cash.
  3. Send physical letters directly from your email
. No need to use some other system.
  4. Letter status notifications in bexio
. If a customer claims she didn’t get the paper bill, you can look in the notes to see if you sent it.
  5. Low cost of sending letters in Switzerland and worldwide. SMAILD uses Pingen to send letters, who offers fast mail delivery and the lowest prices worldwide.
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Deidis GmbH, Baarerstrasse 43, 6300 Zug
Available languages
DE / EN / FR / IT
23. Jun 2022


Prices Free Trial available

CHF 10.– /month
  • 1 month for FREE
  • Email any PDF to post
  • Letter status notifications
  • Max. 8 pages in one letter
CHF 20.– /month
  • Auto-send payment reminders
  • Email any PDF to post
  • Letter status notifications
  • Max. 16 pages in one letter
CHF 30.– /month
  • Auto-send payment reminders
  • Email any PDF to post
  • Letter status notifications
  • Use your own Pingen account