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With NetMailer, sending newsletters becomes a breeze. Transfer all contacts from bexio to NetMailer at the push of a button – divided according to the categories of your bexio contacts.

from CHF 290.– once

More about NetMailer newsletter tool

With many newsletter tool providers you are on your own. You register, deposit a credit card and then you have to see for yourself how you get along. Not so with NetMailer: We at PAWECO assist you from A to Z. And you do not even have to deposit a credit card!

Our motto is: Advice before buying!

We offer two versions of our newsletter tool:

NetMailer Premium

With the premium version you get the full load of service! We will create a professional newsletter design for you, which corresponds 100% to your company's identity and will discuss the design with you. As soon as you like the design, we will program and implement it into NetMailer. Testing on approx. 40 to 50 different end devices and e-mail programs is also part of the premium package.

To make sure that you get past all SPAM blockers as well as possible, we certify your sender address on our server with the most important certificates.

After everything is set up, you will benefit from a 2-hour training (remote or on-site). After that, nothing stands in the way of your professional e-mail marketing!

NetMailer Light

NetMailer Light contains all the technical refinements of NetMailer Premium, but here you create your design by yourself. You will get a simple "construction kit" with which you can upload your logo and adjust colors and fonts.

With NetMailer Light you dispatch with a standard sender domain, which is already certified on our servers. Of course you have the possibility to use your own domain.

With NetMailer Light you have a perfect and cost-effective start in newsletter marketing - including support!

Our tool includes the following advantages, whether Premium or Light:

  • Free CH support
  • Your data remains in Switzerland
  • Send unlimited e-mails
  • Very easy to use
  • Responsive design (adapts to the end device)
  • Multilingualism (DE, EN, FR, IT)
  • Double-opt-in for subscriptions
  • GDPR compliant
  • Easy data import from CSV
  • Automatic bouncing management
  • Meaningful statistics
  • and much more
More informations
Bösch 63,
6331 Hünenberg
Available languages
DE / EN / FR / IT
13. Oct 2020


CHF 290.– once
  • Standard design (modular system)
  • Own logo / colors customizable
  • Default sender domain with certificates
  • Basic installation
  • Unlimited number of mails
  • 100 mails per minute (max.)
  • Updates and support


  • Own sender domain (+ 100.-)
  • Certification of the domain (+ 100.-)
  • User training (+ 210.-)
CHF 2’990.– once
  • Responsive design with modification round
  • Basic installation
  • Own sender address
  • Certificates of your domain
  • Unlimited number of mails
  • 400 mails per minute (max.)
  • User training
  • Updates and support

Once set up, our newsletter system is based on a very cost-efficient, proven service package. The billing of the running license costs is on the one hand extremely transparent and on the other hand offers you the greatest possible system and application security. Without surprises on the cost side.

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