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Your global business account: free local accounts in EUR, USD and GBP to send and receive money world wide. Buy and sell more than 50 currencies at the best rate. Plus: virtual and physical multi-currency debit cards for you and your team to streamline your spending.

More about AMNIS

amnis is the global business account for bexio users

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we know first-hand how tough managing a small business can be sometimes. Managing your international payments however should not cause you any more headaches: With extending your bexio account with Amnis, any international bill will be imported to the amnis cockpit, and from there, you can further process it – fully automated. Contacts that have been added to bexio can furthermore be imported to amnis to send payments and payment requests directly to the recipient. You will save a lot of money during that process too – on average, amnis customers save 76% compared to their house bank.

COLLECT – the only business account you will need

Receive money from 180+ countries in more than 20 currencies with your amnis IBAN accounts. Forget costly foreign currency accounts - COLLECT is all you need for growing your international business.

EXCHANGE – better exchange rates for your company

Avoid the high fees and exchange rates that financial intermediaries tend to charge and simplify your life: With amnis, you buy and sell foreign currencies at conditions that banks normally reserve for their best clients.

PAY – for fast international payments, anywhere

Reduce your financial costs and send money anywhere: PAY is the state of the art global payments solution. Avoid the traditional payment constraints and accelerate your business.

PEER – the new way to pay your suppliers

Build your own peer-to-peer payment network, avoid intermediaries and accelerate your transactions. PEER is the new way to pay global suppliers instantly, around the clock and at zero cost.

BUSINESS DEBIT CARDS – The ultimate multi-currency debit card for you and your team

Online, offline and wherever your business takes you: with amnis, you and your team can make physical and virtual card payments worldwide, while easily keeping control over your business expenses – no hidden fees, no surprises. Plus: Simplify expense management across your team with our receipt upload feature, and expedite bookkeeping by filtering and importing transaction files into your accounting software.

To learn more, visit us at

Create your amnis account in only 5 minutes:

  1. Click on «Add app»
  2. Register for amnis directly with your bexio credentials
  3. Go through the online identification
  4. Get started and benefit!
More informations
AMNIS Treasury Services AG,
Baslerstrasse 60,
8048 Zürich
Available languages
DE / EN / FR / IT
09. Feb 2021


Free of charge
  • Unlimited free local payments in EUR, CHF, GBP, USD and CAD
  • Multi-currency IBAN in 20+ currencies
  • Currency exchange at mid-rate +0.40%
  • 1 free international payments/month
  • 10 physical and unlimited virtual debit cards
  • Chat support
CHF 49.– /month
  • Unlimited free local payments in EUR, CHF, GBP, USD and CAD
  • Multi-currency IBAN in 20+ currencies
  • Currency exchange at mid-rate +0.30%
  • 10 free international payments/month
  • 50 physical and unlimited virtual debit cards
  • Personal account manager

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