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Accounting practically on its own

Easily do your accounting: process receipts with bexio, bexio will do various transactions for you automatically; for example, accounts receivable for outgoing invoices. This way, bexio takes care of your accounting practically all on its own. Together with graphs and reports, such as the turnover statistics, you will always stay informed about the financial situation of your company.

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Clear log of all transactions

The log lists all of your transactions clearly, whether they are system or manual transactions. In addition, bexio provides various filters to organize your log according to your needs. Furthermore, you can expert in Excel format. With the bexio Go mobile app you can also scan all of your receipts on the go, upload them and make entries with just a few clicks. This way, every transaction is backed up by a receipt.

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E-banking and accounting as a team

bexio revolutionizes payments for small businesses with its interface to e-banking, so you can pay your invoices quickly and easily: enter payment orders in bexio and send to your e-banking with a click of the mouse. You can also take care of the painstaking reconciliation process with bexio in Nu: reconcile your banking transactions directly with bexio accounting. This way, accounting is fun.

The automatic integration with UBS e-banking offers you the highest level of convenience; at the same time, Postfinance and Zürcher Kantonalbank customers can synchronize their payments directly with the interface to their e-banking accounts. Support for other banks is planned in the near future.

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All of your accounting in just one software

With bexio you do not just have control over your income and expenses, but you can also have an overview of your balance sheet and profit and loss statement: bexio provides you with everything to manage your financial accounting. This also includes additional statements, such as the accounts receivable and accounts payable. Just create your own account plan and manage your accounting based on your needs.

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Online collaboration with the fiduciary with bexio

Do you need support with your accounting from an expert in the area? Invite your fiduciary to use bexio and streamline your collaboration: give your fiduciary online access to some areas of your account – the logbook or your VAT statement. This way, your fiduciary can provide support to you with your bookkeeping directly.

Don’t have a fiduciary yet? Find the right expert in your area in our fiduciary directory.

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VAT report and statement according to ESTV [Swiss Federal Tax Administration]

Don’t have an overview of your VAT transactions? No problem: bexio can help you with its simple, but comprehensive VAT statement system. Whether you bill based on the effective or net tax rates, agreed or received pay: bexio supports all the methods. The VAT form in bexio is created automatically to match the calculation form of the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (ESTV). This way, you will always file your declarations on time.


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