App deactivation information

Deactivation of the Pingen add-on in May 2023

Our add-on partner Pingen is discontinuing its previous "Pingen Classic" offer and replacing it with the new Pingen. Unfortunately, our integrated Pingen API is no longer supported, and so the new Pingen will no longer be directly integrated into the product. As of 31st May 2023, you will therefore no longer be able to use Pingen directly from your bexio account.

The following two alternatives are available so that you can continue sending your documents by post:

Switch to the new Pingen:

You can switch your "Pingen Classic account" to the new Pingen. Switching over will allow you to use all functionalities via Pingen's own app. Simply download the documents you want from bexio and upload them to your Pingen account. After that, there will be nothing stopping you from sending documents by post. Further information can be found on Pingen's website.

SMAILD from Deidis GmbH:

Add the SMAILD app to your bexio account. With this partner app, you can easily send documents directly from bexio. What's more, you have the option of automating your dunning system, thereby saving valuable time which you can invest in your company.