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For independent businesses and start-ups


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Perfect for service companies


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Special for distributors

All in One

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Complete functionality

Contact management

Quick access to all accounts

All functions linked to contact data

Record notes by contact

Organise contacts by means of categories

Import address data from Excel and VCard

Export addresses for mail merge

Offers, Bills & Orders

Your own design and logo on all documents

Imprinting of deposit slips

Multilingual documents

Sending of documents by e-mail

Sending of documents online

Creation of documents using stored boilerplates

Online Bookkeeping

Journal overview for all books

Online filing of all documents

Automatic posting of your invoices

Capture of suppliers’ invoices

Compiling of balance sheets and income statements

Value-Added-Tax calculation

Document Scanner

Value Added Tax (VAT) reporting

Effective Method or Net Tax Rate Method

Agreed or collected considerations

VAT form in bexio is updated automatically


Transmit suppliers’ bills to e-Banking

Transmit accounts payable directly to e-banking

Reconciliation of bexio to your bank account

Automatic data exchange with UBS e-banking

Synchronize payment transactions with e-banking of PostFinance and Zürcher Kantonalbank

Support of MT940 files

Support of DTA files

Financial overview dashboard

Product Management

Manage products directly in bexio

Manage services directly in bexio

Import existing products from Excel

Apply product data to offers, orders and invoices

Link products with supplier contact information

Product sets and bulk prices

Recording of time worked on projects

Recording of time worked on projects

Individual customer hourly rates

Individual employee hourly rates

Individual hourly rates for fields of activities

Individual project hourly rates

Import times directly into invoices and billing

Manage projects and milestones

Simple task management

Warehouse Management

Postings of inputs and outputs

Linking with orders and invoices

Automatic stock movement based on order entry

Management of minimum quantities on-hand

Record orders to suppliers

Create delivery and picking slips


E-mail marketing

Online shops

Correspondence for letters and documents

2-step verification


Free e-mail support

Free telephone support

Free chat support

Free updates

Ongoing data security

All data stored in Swiss data centres


Compatible with Windows PCs

Compatible with Mac computers

Compatible with Linux computers

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