WooCommerce Automator

In 15 minutes you can easily automate your online business yourself with WooCommerce and bexio. The e-commerce specialists at Raptus will help you with individual customizations. Start now for free.


More about WooCommerce Automator

With WooCommerce bexio Automator, you never have to manually transfer a new order from your online store to bexio again. Once you have installed and configured the WordPress plugin, every new order, with everything that goes with it, is automatically transferred to bexio.

Among other things, WooCommerce bexio Automator can do the following for you:

  • Automatic creation of an order in bexio after the order has been placed
  • Creation of product items with matching SKU in bexio
  • Creating standard items if a product does not exist in bexio
  • Automatic creation of contacts and addresses when creating an order in bexio
  • Support of billing and delivery addresses
  • Automatic creation of deliveries when creating an order in bexio
  • Automatic creation of invoices when creating an order in bexio
  • Automatic synchronisation of the products stock in the product overview and product detail view (with matching SKU)
  • Live stock comparison before placing an order (checkout)
  • Automatic synchronisation of the order status with bexio (hourly)
  • Automatic status change of orders in WooCommerce according to the bexio order status
  • Various setting options to adapt to your needs

If the scope is not sufficient for you or you have individual requirements, please contact the developer for a customisation tailored to your online business.

CHF 19.– /month
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Raptus AG,
Lyss CH
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DE / EN / FR
20. Aug 2019


CHF 19.– /month
  • Sync 1 Woocommerce store
  • unlimited number of products
  • unlimited number of orders
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