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Addmin is a modern web application helping entrepreneurs and businesses manage their documents on the cloud. Thanks artificial intelligence and workflow automation, repetitive and manual tasks are a thing of the past!


More about Addmin

Addmin is a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable document manager that allows small and medium-sized business to manage their documents in the cloud.

Thanks to data extraction, workflows automation and modular access rights, you can now turn your business 100% paperless with a secure & confidential solution.

Advantage as Bexio user :

Automatic documents exchange
With your consent, Addmin gathers all of your documents from Bexio and let you and your team manage them in an intuitive, powerful interface.

Push documents to Bexio (coming soon)
Addmin will soon let you capture, organize and push information directly to Bexio. This will be particularily helpful for providers’ invoices, expenses and receipts!

Specifically, Addmin helps you with :

Gain time and efficiency
Thanks to an easy no-code tool helping you set up workflows automation, you can gain hours of productivity and get rid of manual repetitive tasks related to classification.

Live paperless
100% web-based app (mobile/laptop), that helps your business centralise and digitize any document with an integrated mobile scanner, e-mail reception address, import/drag & drop feature.

Advanced organisation
Get perfectly organized We provide you with powerful processing features: multi- folders, automatic classification & data extraction to make your documents smarter.

Privacy-ready software for peace of mind
Addmin stores your data on a swiss, ISO-certified cloud infrastructure and combined with modular access rights management, the privacy of your documents is guaranteed.

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16. Mar 2022


Free of charge
  • Mobile Scan
  • PDF Reception address
  • Mobile & web app
  • Tags & classification
  • Task-Manager
CHF 4.90 /month
  • Basic plan included
  • Sharing with editing
  • 100 Smart Scans included
CHF 19.90 /month
  • Premium included
  • Multi user account
  • 3 users included
  • 250 Smart Scans included