JurLine – your free legal advice by telephone*

Fast legal advice by telephone on all legal issues relating to your company. Exclusively for bexio customers.

  • Free of charge – With the Pro and Pro+ package, you and your trustee will receive competent and unrestricted legal advice by telephone – at no additional cost.
  • Tailor-made – Perfect for SMEs and self-employed people who do not have their own lawyer within the company, but still want to be on the safe side.
  • Competent – you will receive information from experienced lawyers so that you know exactly how to proceed in delicate legal situations.

Immediate legal advice on Swiss labour law and the like – all the benefits of JurLine

Is one of your employees, for example, claiming overtime that he didn’t actually work, and you want to know how to proceed in such a case? Legal uncertainties and questions often arise in day-to-day business! The experienced lawyers of Protekta* will help you to eliminate uncertainties in these moments.

Free legal advice*

We answer legal questions affecting your company quickly, easily and competently by telephone – free of charge for bexio customers and their trustees in the Pro & Pro+ packages!

Competent legal assistance

The experienced lawyers at Protekta Legal Protection Insurance* will advise you by telephone on burning legal issues (Swiss law) relating to your company.

Unlimited number of calls

As a bexio customer, you and your trustee benefit from an unlimited amount of legal advice for your company. Competent assistance whenever you need it.

Ideal for SMEs and self-employed persons

JurLine is ideal for all companies who do not have in-house lawyers, whether they have employees or not – so that when it comes to legal issues, you're always on the safe side, even if you're an SME or self-employed.

Frequently asked questions

What questions can I ask during my phone call with JurLine?

You can ask legal questions (Swiss law) concerning your company. These may be questions regarding employment law or other legal issues affecting your company.

Two examples of typical legal disputes are: “One of my employees is claiming overtime that he didn’t work. How do I approach this case correctly?” “A customer is accusing me of improper use and/or disclosure to a third party of the personal information that they provided to me when purchasing a service. How can I prove that I have not violated data protection regulations?”

What about documents? Can I have them checked by JurLine?

No, JurLine is purely a telephone-based help service. Documents cannot be submitted for review and written information cannot be provided. However, if you have minor questions about individual passages in your document, they can be answered over the phone if needed.

I already have the JurLine offer. What do I need to do now?

You do not need to do anything else. The changeover is automatic, and you will no longer receive an invoice going forward.

Since when has this service been included?

All bexio customers with the Pro and Pro+ packages have been benefiting from this free service since 01/11/2023.

Are there any additional costs for me at this point?

No. This additional service is included in your Pro or Pro+ package and there are no additional costs for you.

Can my trustee also make use of this offer?

If you have a Pro or Pro+ package, then your fiduciary can also benefit from this offer. However, make sure that you have invited your trustee to your bexio account. You can find instructions on how to invite your fiduciary here.

*JurLineis a telephone-based legal advice service and is part of Protekta Legal Protection Insurance. Legal advice by telephone is free of charge with the bexio Pro & Pro+ packages. JurLine cannot be used during the bexio free 30-day trial period.

Bexio customer service

How to reach JurLine

Contact Protekta's competent lawyers free of charge at any time and receive professional and reliable advice by telephone about all areas of law that are relevant for your company.

Telephone number: +41 31 378 51 10

(Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. & 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.)

bexio & JurLine: a unique offer in Switzerland

With a Pro or Pro+ package from bexio, you benefit from unlimited legal advice by telephone:

bexio & JurLine offer

Competitor’s offer

Number of calls

Unlimited number of inquiries

Single inquiry


With Pro+ package: free

Min. CHF 45 per inquiry


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