Experiences with bexio: here's what our customers have to say

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Better at business - that's bexio's motto. We strive to simplify the lives of small firms, individual proprietors and startups. And we have done so successfully: bexio customers save, on average, 3.3 hours of office work every week and an average of almost CHF 6,000 per year.

In so doing, they have more time and money to spend on what really counts...

...and we can prove it: 67% of bexio customers are more successful, once they start to work with bexio. Take a look at what our customers are saying:

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Valentin Sadrijaj

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I am delighted! I've never seen office software as functional as this.

Still not convinced? We interviewed 8,000 customers about their experiences with bexio

Compared to other software, bexio combines all of your company's important processes - from order processing to bookkeeping to time tracking and customer management and puts them all under one roof. That is what we mean when we say bexio offers an unbeatable price/performance ratio. It's because bexio offers you intuitive software for which you would otherwise need several tools, each independent of the rest.

That saves you not only money, it also saves you time: processes within bexio mesh with one another meaningfully. In the process, bexio turns chaos into order, resulting above all in an open, simpler and most important of all, more efficient office administration.

We wanted to know exactly what our 8,000 customers were experiencing with bexio and so we interviewed them with these results.

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  • No more long nights in the office: bexio customers save 3.3 hours of office work a week
  • Order instead of chaos in the office: bexio users are happy about a 40% reduction in administrative expense
  • This is how bookkeeping turns into fun! bexio users complete their bookkeeping an average of 39% faster
  • Automatic payment and billing reconciliation: bexio customers save 2 hours of keyboarding a week, thanks to the e-banking interface
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  • More time for what counts: as a result, 67% are more successful after switching to bexio
  • Save cold cash: bexio users save an average of almost CHF 6,000 per year
  • Get paid sooner, thanks to faster invoicing and automated dunning runs: bexio customers get paid 26% faster, on average
  • Towards more efficient collaboration with fiduciaries: 29% lower fiduciary expenses per year

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