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Simplify the handling of your sold sports subscriptions with bexio. Contacts, products (subscriptions) and invoices are automatically transferred to bexio.

More about SportsNow

What are the advantages of connecting bexio with SportsNow?
Linking SportsNow with bexio will make it easier to use bexio accounting to manage the SportsNow subscriptions that you have sold.

As soon as a SportsNow member purchases a new subscription on the SportsNow website, a new contact and invoice will be created automatically in bexio. When the invoice is paid in bexio, it will also be paid automatically in SportsNow and the member notified as usual.

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Automatic reconciliation of existing customers
  • Automatic reconciliation of existing products (subscriptions)
  • Automatic synchronisation of all invoices

The prerequisites for connecting SportsNow with bexio are a bexio account and a SportsNow account. You can open a new SportsNow account on the company website: Create an account now

An overview of SportsNow services and prices can be found here: SportsNow services & prices

Activating SportsNow
SportsNow can be activated in just a few quick steps:

  • Log in to your SportsNow account
  • You will find the bexio app under "My Studio" - "My Apps" - "bexio"
  • Click on "Use bexio now"
  • You will be redirected to bexio automatically. If necessary, log in to bexio
  • Click on "Allow" to link SportsNow with your bexio account
More informations
SportsNow GmbH,
Effingerstrasse 4,
3011 Bern
Available languages
DE / EN / FR / IT
04. May 2019



Ideal for starting studios

CHF 30.– /month

Ideal for growing studios

CHF 90.– /month

Ideal for most studios

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