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MyCerty digital platform automates the creation of Swiss work certificates.

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More about MyCerty

MyCerty automates the creation of Swiss work certificates with a user-friendly and safe digital platform. With a few clicks you generate a qualitative and compliant work certificate in less than 15 minutes.

How does it work?

  1. Order your work certificates online, either per unit or in packs of 10.
  2. Create your work certificates in the MyCerty platform:
    • Evaluate your employees using the MyCerty skills repository: apply 1 to 4 stars.
    • Text modules are generated automatically based on your assessment. The platform offers a large variety of text modules, designed by HR experts and in compliance with Swiss labour law.
    • If necessary, you can customize the generated text in post-editing.
  3. Simply print out your work certificate!

Time-saving: MyCerty automates a time-consuming activity to bring the time required to get a high-quality document generated in less than 15 minutes! Furthermore, its user-friendly interface requires no training nor advanced user guide, you’ll get started straight away!

Professional quality: as an entrepreneur or business owner, you may not be an expert when in comes to Swsiss regulations applicable to work certificates. However, each word counts: what are the best practices? What are the pitfalls? MyCerty takes this burden away and will create a natural language document, aligned with Swiss Code of Obligations, saving you from any bad surprise.

Why choose MyCerty with bexio?

MyCerty allows you to connect straight away with your bexio account and will leverage basic bexio details about your company (name, address) to get you started in a minute. You will be able to start creating your first work certificate in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, MyCerty certificate creation wizard has been fine tuned to make the process as seamless and fast has possible.

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CHF 49.–

Costs per work certificate

CHF 390.–

In a pack of 10, the cost per certificate is CHF 39.