Free to install

Simplify your financing with CreditGate24. Benefit now from our simple and efficient credit process.

Free to install

Simplify your financing with CreditGate24. Benefit now from our simple and efficient credit process.


Short-term liquidity at attractive conditions

Flexible duration

Choose between 1 to 60 months repayment periods

Fair terms

Benefit from attractive conditions and interest rates starting at 4.35% p.a.

More about CreditGate24

Simplified financing procedure for SMEs!
A credit procedure via a bank is often tedious, laborious, expensive and complicated! With the new add-on CreditGate24 it is not only easier, faster, but also digital! With the new CreditGate24 App you can easily start a credit application process from your bexio account.

Integration with CreditGate24 simplifies the credit application process - without a bank. bexio customers can register directly with CreditGate24 with their bexio registration data at the click of a mouse. Thanks to the integration, company master data and accounting data can be released directly to CreditGate24. This considerably simplifies the entire credit application process. And best of all, most of this process has been digitized.

A credit application usually involves a tedious and lengthy procedure. The integration accelerates and simplifies the credit application, as the financial data from bexio can be used directly on request.

About CreditGate24
CreditGate24 is a Swiss online platform that arranges loans to SMEs and private individuals. The platform brings credit seekers together with investors and enables a simple and efficient credit process thanks to modern technologies such as the interface to bexio. This allows you to benefit from lower and more transparent costs compared to traditional banks and other credit providers.

The advantages for you at a glance:

  • Free credit inquiry online
  • Digital lending without a bank
  • Simplified process thanks to file sharing from the bexio account
  • Faster processing
  • More transparent costs
  • Apply for financing now

Use of the interface between bexio and CreditGate24 is free of charge. Credit enquiries can also be made online directly and free of charge via CreditGate24.

CreditGate24 is for everyone who is looking for a digital financing alternative and would like to benefit from favourable interest rates, more efficient processes and attractive returns as an investor. The CreditGate24 team is also available to answer questions from borrowers or investors.


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Developer CreditGate24 (Schweiz) AG, Alemannenweg 6, 8803 Rüschlikon Available languages DE / EN / FR / IT Support Website Released 04. May 2019



Free to install