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Coople is Europe's largest platform for flexible staff. Post jobs and get the right candidate profiles immediately. Coople does the paperwork and payroll for you.

hourly wage + administration fees*

More about Coople

Coople offers end-to-end automation of the HR process: from planning, recruitment, on-boarding and hiring to workforce management, payroll and payment transactions. As a result, you drastically reduce the time and cost of personnel administration tasks.

How does Coople work?

As soon as you have registered on the homepage, you can start planning your staff with Coople. Bexio customers benefit from an additional discount of 10% on administration costs.

1. Create a job

You define the job criteria, such as the salary or the job profile itself, and then receive the requests from suitable candidates. You can save templates to create a new new job with just one click.

2. Hire candidates & Confirm hours

You decide which applicant you want to hire. By reviewing the resumes and evaluations of the applicants, you can see easily whether they meet your expectations. At the end of the month you simply confirm the hours worked and evaluate the employee. You can add employees to your favourites pool. Coople will then take care of the administration such as registration and insurance rest for you.

3. Take over candidates

If you want to hire a candidate permanently, you can take him or her on reasonable terms. If the employee has already worked 540 hours or more for you via our platform, the transfer is free of charge.

Why Coople?

  • Create your assignments with a few clicks and get the candidates that match your job profile.
  • As a staff hiring platform, we take over the entire administration and payroll service - you save a lot of time.
  • More than 300,000 registered employees are available in Switzerland.
  • A dedicated customer service team that is always ready to answer your questions.
  • You determine the duration of the mission. There is no minimum duration for missions.
  • Obtain the right qualified personnel. Coople conducts background checks on every employee

More about Coople

Since its foundation in Zurich in 2009, Coople has developed into Europe's largest platform for flexible personnel solutions with over 400,000 registered employees and 20,000 registered companies.

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hourly wage + administration fees*

* The costs result from your defined hourly wage and the administration fees. These include all additional wage costs and insurance costs. In addition, bexio customers receive a 10% discount on the administration costs when registering via the bexio App Marketplace: Simply click on "Add App".

Included services

  • Search for candidates
  • Access to candidate pool
  • Admininstration by Coople
  • Takeover Coopler