Advanon is the first financing platform on which companies can transform their open invoices - and thus waiting time - into liquidity. Easy, fast, flexible - and directly from bexio for your convenience.

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Growth accelerator liquidity: Your fast track to business financing

Especially in the B2B environment, companies often wait a long time for payments for their open invoices. This ties up capital, leads to liquidity bottlenecks and slows growth. Smart cash flow management, on the other hand, empowers companies to succeed. Advanon and bexio create a win-win situation between all parties involved: Sell your open invoices on our platform, grant long payment periods and pay your own invoices early. You can improve your relationships with business partners, benefit from discounts and maintain your liquidity.

Compared to traditional factoring companies, Advanon has no minimum financing amounts, no long-term commitment or blocking periods, and the cost of financing is transparent and does not include any hidden fees. The best is: you will always get the fairest price - as you set and adjust the interest rate yourself. It's a marketplace, built to help you on the things that matter to drive your business.

How does it work:

Register once on with your bexio account and activate the "Advanon" app in bexio. Then select an invoice in bexio, define the financing conditions and you will receive your money within 24 hours - long before the customer pays.

Advanon is a financial services provider officially authorised by FINMA (directly subordinated financial intermediary, DUFI) and is therefore subject to the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA).

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