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A Peek Behind the Scenes at bexio

In our workshop reports we would like to offer you an exclusive peek behind the scenes at bexio.

Our workshop reports give you exclusive insight into the bexio product development process. Find out what we're working on and gain some insight into the ins and outs of what we do on a daily basis. As a bexio customer you often only get to see the results of what has been rolled out. But up until then a huge amount of activity takes place behind the scenes. Research, data analysis, prioritization, planning, design, testing (both functional and user-based) are processes which quietly whirr on in the background, hidden from our customers’ view.
To us, it's really important to involve our customers in these processes. In order to learn directly from our users, we conduct regular user tests and customer interviews. By simply reading these workshop reports you'll be able to catch a glimpse of where we’re headed.

Part 1: Revision of the «Sales», «Products», and «Contacts» components

July 2018

As already announced in the bexio timeline, we at bexio are currently in the planning process of an extensive improvement of the “Sales”, “Products” and “Contacts” components. The development and preparation work is already in full swing.

In order to realize this project we collected and analyzed external and internal feedback (among others also from the Ideas Portal), conducted user tests with prototypes and have already started with detailed planning, and in some cases, we are already in development. Every bexio employee can give feedback on our internal feedback wall. This way, we involve all company employees in our development processes.

Internal Feedback Board – Here, every employee can provide feedback.
Internal Feedback Board – Here, every employee can provide feedback.
Insight into our User Tests.
Insight into our User Tests.

We regularly conduct user tests to verify that our planned improvements for quotes, offers, and invoices are understood. These results are incorporated into the development phase, which is already under way.

User Tests at bexio

We conduct our user tests with a small number of users and assess whether a specific function is understood by real users and where further improvements are necessary. The sessions are moderated and held on a one-on-one basis with each user so that we are able to observe and document genuine user reactions. Such tests can be done at a very early stage using paper sketches, or later on in the process with already implemented functionalities.

We are currently conducting tests with click-prototypes. These look like the finished software, yet are much faster to build; this enables us to quickly assess whether or not something works and which areas still need more work.

Improvements on accounting reports such as the option to select a range of accounts within the account ledger and an improved print preview have been at the top of our wish-list for some time now. Here you can take a look at how the account ledger might look like.

Update: The new account ledger has been available since March 2019.

Werkstattbericht kontenblatt

Part 2: The Ideas Process

August 2018

Planning, testing, and development is a constant and repeating cycle here at bexio. Once a component of our software has been developed, it will be re-tested, re-planned, and further developed in multiple iterations. We do this until we reach a sufficient level of maturity which is ready for release (the release of an updated, new version). This approach is often referred to as "Design Thinking” and can be described as a process that revolves around the user. It has proven itself in software development processes for some time already.

Process EN

Offers, quotes and invoices

In Part 1, we reported on the usability testing for the “Sales” component. The development process has begun and as an initial step, we are currently working on the creation of invoices, quotes and offers. Re-building one of the core elements in bexio is complex, but we embrace the challenge.

Werkstattbericht screen adresse

Line Items

Without invoice line items improved processes for quotes and invoices are of little use. That is why line items are already being implemented. User tests have resulted in some interesting insights which we have integrated into our development process. However, we will still have quite a bit of "fine-tuning" to do to ensure that the workflow is as smooth as possible for the user.

Werkstattbericht screen items

Part 3: Insights into building of the "Purchase" component

May 2019

In terms of our product development, we are constantly asking ourselves questions like: What is more important to our users? Function A or B? How many functionalities are too many? How few are too few? Did we miss something? Our daily work is to ensure your increased success as a consequence of using our software. We are currently working on re-building the “Purchase” component. Gain insight into our product development via our blog series: “Workshop Report”, and find out what we're planning next.

Our highlights

  • A new face with loads of substance:
    A new, improved and prettier user interface allows you to work efficiently and quickly. You accidentally closed a window? The solution: While being filled in, all fields are saved as you go. Do you like working with a keyboard? The solution: During the process of creating a bill you don't once need to pick up the mouse. Everything can be completed using the keyboard.
  • All via a one-step procedure — independent of the overall process:
    The entire bill is clearly and intuitively displayed and captured in a single view. From the selection of the master data to attachments to payment - everything is completed in one step. No repeated clicking. No "settings" searches. No more waiting for the next window to load.
  • Self-filling fields alleviate your work processes:
    Invoices from recurring suppliers, such as the monthly telephone bill, are automatically pre-filled: This includes discounts, booking accounts, tax rates, payment terms and more. The solution: Select suppliers, enter the invoice amount and date, make the payment, and you're done.
  • We would like you to have an overview and overall control – a full overview of the receipt:
    The receipt has a prominent position. You can always keep an eye on the receipt, during the entire entry process.
  • Billable Supplier Invoices:
    Supplier invoices and expenses become billable. And they can be connected to your project.
  • Credits for vendors:
    Many of you have been asking for vendor credits for a long time — they are coming soon.
Insight into our new construction.
Insight into our new construction.

We build for your success. In order to understand your needs better and to address them with solutions, we require your help. This is why we launched our Ideas Portal last year. You can enter your ideas or functionality requests into this portal, and/or vote on existing ideas. By doing this, we open up a transparent channel for our users to directly get in touch with our product management.

Many of your ideas and suggestions have already been rolled out. Only recently we implemented the most popular idea from the Ideas Portal. Now all accounts are available in the “Purchase” section which hugely simplifies the posting process.