To a paperless future with the bexio Scanner App

Every small business knows the routine: staple your receipts and other documents together and hand them over to your trusted accountant. This can get a bit chaotic but that has now ended, thanks to our receipt scanner app for Android and iOS devices. The scanner app supports paperless collaboration with your accountant and simplifies office administration for small companies.

With the bexio Scanner you will always have your documentation under control



This is how the bexio Scanner works

1. Scan your receipts with your iPhone or Android device

With our free App, you can scan documents and receipts into your cell phone with your camera and upload them directly into you bexio account.

This way, you will always have your documentation under control. It doesn’t matter if your are in the office, at home or on the road.

2. Upload and manage your scanned receipts

You can upload your scanned documents directly into your bexio account and with just a few clicks, assign it to the correct bookkeeping account.

And when you are working directly with your accountant, he can immediately allocate it to an account, collect the corresponding payments and post them — all right in bexio.

Functions of the bexio Scanner App

  • Quick and simple document scanning
  • Scanning of multi-page documents
  • Trimming and rotating of photographs including assembly
  • Photographs can be shot in portrait or landscape mode
  • Manual activation of flash while photographing
  • Documents will be uploaded into bexio as PDFs
  • German, French, English and Italian languages supported
  • Are you managing several companies with bexio? No problem: Simply choose the one that’s relevant, upload into the appropriate company account and post it.

Download bexio Scanner     Download bexio Scanner

Please note: you need to have a bexio account to use this app.

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