Manage customers and contacts with bexio

Keep customer information and contacts up-to-date

Your business contacts and your personal network are priceless and irreplaceable – we know that. This is why bexio provides a central address book where you can quickly and easily enter all information about your customers, suppliers and other partners. As bexio is web-based, you can access your data on the go as well: this way you are in control of your contacts everywhere anytime.

Easily organize your contacts with bexio by category and filter

Easily organize contact information

bexio provides everything you need to manage your customer relationships and contacts – everything for your CRM: keep your contacts up-to-date whenever and wherever you want, with bexio software-as-a-service. Whether you need to enter new addresses or manage existing address information: with bexio you can easily and intuitively organize your contacts. Assign your contacts to different, user-definable categories and sector. Upload and attach files directly to a contact (included in packages Pro and Pro+). So you can keep an overview at all times.

Customer and contact management as a central part of the Business Software

Everything from a single source

Customer management is a central component of the bexio software. All functions are linked to the contact information: using the contacts in the system you can order goods from your suppliers, issue quotes or invoices – everything from a single source.

Easily import or export contacts in bexio

Do you want to import contacts? No problem

Using bexio contact management you can import contacts from other sources into the software easily. It’s easy to upload your contacts either as vCard or using our Excel template. Alternatively, you can also import your contacts from This will make your customer management complete and up-to-date: from addresses to contact people or memos and VAT numbers.

Easy e-mail marketing thanks to contact management in bexio

Use contacts for e-mail marketing too

In addition to issuing invoices and quotes to your customers and contacts you can also send them newsletters: bexio provides interfaces to the e-mail marketing add-ons MailChimp and MailXpert. Using these add-ons, you can plan, design, and send your newsletters. The advantage: copy your contacts automatically from bexio to mailing lists. Of course, your addresses can be exported easily in Excel format. This way, bexio does not just help you keep your business in the public eye, but also keep in top shape.

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