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Advanon: Finance invoices directly from bexio

With Advanon, bexio customers can pre-finance invoices simply and quickly using our software – so you don't have to wait for your customers to pay and have better liquidity.

Time is money. Now Advanon and bexio can give you both!

Do you often have to wait a long time until outstanding customer invoices are paid? During this waiting period, you lack the liquidity that you need and are unable to exploit your full growth potential. bexio offers you a solution with this add-on: Advanon is an online platform that enables your SME to pre-finance invoices within 24 hours. Thanks to the Advanon add-on, your receivables can be pre-financed directly from bexio.

How to finance the first invoices directly from bexio in 5 steps

Advanon 5 steps addon en

Here's how to pre-finance your invoices with Advanon: Perform a one-time registration at with your bexio account and then activate the «Advanon» add-on in bexio. After activating the add-on, select an invoice which has already been issued in bexio, choose the financing conditions, and then you will receive your money within 24 hours. You no longer need to wait for your customers to pay and have better liquidity.

You can also determine the fees transparently when selecting the financing conditions.

Curious? We will pay the Advanon fee on the first invoice for you.

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Advanon features at a glance

You choose the price

You determine the fee that you are willing to pay for financing, and you decide how many invoices you would like to be financed – all thanks to a simple and transparent pricing model.

You receive your money faster

After an investor has funded your invoice, the money will be transferred to your account within approximately 24 hours.

How Advanon works

Advanon how it works en

SMEs can use the Advanon online platform – or the bexio add-on – to finance open invoices quickly and easily through investors. This allows you to eliminate waiting periods of 30 to 180 days on incoming payments from customers. Investors decide where to invest, based on risk and financial information.

Unlike traditional factoring companies, Advanon has no minimum amount for financing, no waiting periods, and financing costs are transparent and incur no hidden fees.

Advanon is officially authorised by FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) as a financial service provider (DSFI directly supervised financial intermediary) and is thus subject to the Swiss anti-money laundering act (AMLA).


More information about the features and capabilities of Advanon can be found on the provider's website.

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