Add-ons & Integrations

bexio is more than just a software for administration and accounting: Build your eco-system around your SME with bexio!

Thanks to add-ons and integrations to Zapier and other partners, you can automate administrative processes. Extend the functions of bexio - to become even more successful in the end.


Extend bexio with add-ons and benefit from additional features. You can activate add-ons under your bexio account settings.

E-mail marketing

Plan, design and dispatch your newsletters with MailChimp. Automatically export bexio contacts to mailing lists.

Advertise through personalized e-newsletters. Your bexio contacts are synchronized automatically and mailXpert manages un-subscriptions for you.


A PepperShop online shop allows for an individual webshop design. Product names, descriptions and selling prices will automatically cross over from bexio to the webshop, with sales posted back to bexio.


Dispatch letters and documents – offers, invoices – on paper. Pingen forwards your documents to a print shop that takes care of printing and dispatch.


Google Authenticator generates codes for two-stage logins on your telephone (2-factor verification). You can better protect your account from unauthorized access this way.

Contact Management

Use PieSync to synchronize your bexio contacts with various other Cloud programs. Cut your manual effort and benefit from up-to-date contact information – anytime, anywhere. More information.

bexio Scanner App

Scan your expense receipt, upload it, post it — presto, it’s done! Now you can do your accounting even faster with our free Scanner App.

Mobile time log sheet

Clockodo allows you to record project working times online quickly, easily, and reliably. Afterwards, you can send an invoice for these directly to the linked customer and create the invoice in bexio. Let’s get started!


With the Advanon add-on, bexio customers can finance their invoices directly from our software. You no longer need to wait for your customers to pay and will have better liquidity. Read here for more information.

Simplify your financing with CreditGate24: When applying for a loan, you can use your company master data and financial data directly from your bexio account. Benefit now from the simple and efficient credit process. Find out more.


Automate your online workflows with Zapier. With Zapier you can connect your bexio account with more than 1000 web apps, such as Gmail, Slack, MailChimp or Google Contacts. Let’s get started!

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